• Jessica posted an update in the group Group logo of VentsVents 4 years, 5 months ago

    A few days ago I joined Instagram. It’s a fun place for images of cats and picture quotes, but it’s also a bunch of double standards. You can talk about killing people all you want in your images, but god forbid you say “I love my ladies!” in reference to two cats. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Also, who even knows Instagram’s policy on nudity? I’ve seen more male reproductive organs on Instagram than in any sex ed class!

    • So funny, I don’t think they are any strict. Just like the FB, people just post anything.

      • I got a note saying “You can’t post this thing because it’s offensive” message. My comment was about “I love my ladies [cats] and it makes me angry when people leave their cats in shelters because they didn’t have a choice. You *did* have a choice but you *chose* to give them up.” I don’t think this is offensive, especially since the original image was a poem about how cats are family. In addition to being put out by this, I have no idea why you can see much worse and the automated filters don’t catch those folks.

    • i post photos there but dont really interact with the users..hehe