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    If I were to channel my hatred of the two godawful celebrities into writing a particular piece of fiction that’s been brewing in my mind for some time, I bet I could produce a halfway decent novella. It starts out pretty bizarre in which a 20-something woman is hurting because her 30-something former babysitter and best friend (currently a celebrity) has announced that he is engaged to a co-star and has requested that this 20-something woman helps him get ready for the eventual wedding because she knew him forever. He comes to the US with his fiancee and everything! In the middle of the wedding planning (in which the 20-something woman spends most of it actively avoiding him) someone summons a demon, which has nothing to do with revenge or hurt and everything to do with human stupidity. The 20-something woman has committed suicide and returns as an angry entity; after many convoluted events she decides to attach herself to the demon as a partner because of her area of expertise and how closely related they are. The rest of the novella is how she and the demon butt heads all the time and are clearly incompatible but form a symbiotic relationship because she allows it to use a portal that her stupid friend somehow created in her living room. No thoughts yet on what officially happens to the celebrities, but if I were to write this novella right now, they would be slaughtered by random demons.