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    I admit, I have no idea what to do graduate school-wise right now. The Professional Writing and Editing program would be good for the English stuff, but I feel like teacher certification programs are more important. I still need to learn about my state’s requirements for teacher licensensing as well, which I will do later today. Even though I know *that* needs to happen before looking at the correct programs, I’m still kicking around English stuff versus teaching stuff. God this stress makes me want to puke!

    • I have a feeling you’ll do the right thing and do well with it too. You have what it takes. Maybe you could bounce your ideas against your friends, you family and even your lecturers? I wish you luck in deciding 🙂

      • Thank you! I called the state office for more information and that was helpful. Now I’ll look at people in the university I could talk to for additional information.

        • That’s great, @jessica….I’m willing to bet you’ll get all the help you need and then some! Honestly, I bet there are a lot more students in the same boat as you. I hope it all goes well for you, mate 🙂

    • Wish you the best with what you decide to do. Make sure to go with where your heart lies.