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    I’m not sure this is so much an odd experience as an unpleasant experience but there’s currently no category for that on BlogJob yet, but here goes. Today I was in the bathroom of a popular southern chain store doing my business and trying not to gag from the scent of stomach upset coming from the stall next door. It was disgusting, but having had the same experience many times (anxiety reactions and a stomach that hates me) I was also somewhat sympathetic. I was finishing in the bathroom and these two older women walk in and the one says to her friend “Why do people poop in the public bathroom?” It was actually more crude than that, but for the sake of keeping things relatively clean…No pun intended, but anyway. I was shocked. Yeah, that was the most disgusting thing I’ve encountered all day. You know what? When you gotta go, you gotta go. I highly doubt the person intended to do such a thing, and it doesn’t matter anyway. Oh my god old woman, why do people gossip about others in the public bathroom? Also, what if the victim of the stomach upset was still there? That would really suck for her! Have a little decency old woman!

    • I have a vivid imagination. Yuck! Like you said though, the person had to go. It beats the alternative. It’s funny that an old woman would ask that question. It’s a bathroom! LOL It’s going to stink now and then. They might recall what they said when it happens to them someday or when they’re trying to race home and have an accident. Maybe they’re the kind with rose-scented poo – or so they think. LOL