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    I just wanted to introduce myself briefly since I just joined Ladies of BlogJob. I love writing, I love horror movies, and I love cats (especially tortoiseshell and tuxedo cats). If I seem familiar, I was on Chat About until two or three days ago. Hi everyone!

    • Do you have any cats? I have two. :3 Welcome to the group, Jessica.

      • My folks have a tortie and tuxie (hence my love specifically for those types) and the tortie has claimed me as her person. I love them both so much it is ridiculous!

        Thank you for the welcome!

    • Welcome here Jessica bye bye chatabout

    • Hi Jessica! I just got a chance to come on and settle in myself here on this forum. I think that is fascinating that you write horror movies! That is not a genre that I’m very familiar with, but I do love certain thriller type horrors. I’m Peg Asus over on Chatabout. I still like the site, but I’m starting to wander around and feel a little lost since their points change.