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    So this is actually about one of our cats but I promise it’s relevant to “Aches and Pains”. I need some suggestions on how to keep a cat from biting their fur and causing bloody patches. Muffin (our tuxie) has been biting on her stomach fur and her leg fur until they’re furless and/or bloody. We’ve been monitoring her for fleas and ticks, so there’s that. I’m worried that even without those nasty parasites, she’ll continue to over-groom herself and cause serious pain and harm. Right now we have her wearing a little dog dress to protect parts of her fur and it’s actually hilarious, but if there’s anything else we can do that doesn’t annoy her so much, I would love the suggestions.

    • I used to have a cat (Morris) that did the same thing. The vet said it was because he was hot. He would do it during the winter time when we had the furnace running. Our vet said there really wasn’t anything to do for it. He did suggest we put lotion on the areas to keep them moist so the hair would have a better chance of growing back in. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

      • Lotion might work for helping with her current injuries so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable by them and open up the scabs again. Thank you!