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    This little kid at the table across from me at Panera was talking about a loose tooth and it got me remembering my own experiences with loose teeth. Surprisingly, loosing my teeth the natural way was not the reason I’m not so used to seeing and tasting blood. Actually, I think I lost more teeth (or at least my larger adult teeth) through extractions, and do I have a story about that! This one time when I went in for extractions, it was for three of my back adult teeth. Yeah, I think you know where this is going. I did okay during the extraction itself, but later in the afternoon I was probably a wreck. I fell asleep on our couch because apparently extractions drain you of energy (and I’m a lazy butt anyway) and I woke up with the pillow covered in blood. Think of a horror movie scene. My folks had to buy new pillows because I bled all over every single one.

    • Oh! you must have lost a lot of blood. I only have one tooth less, extracted 10 years ago.

      • It’s guaranteed to be a little painful after the extraction is finished just because it’s an extraction, but the first extraction I ever did with only one tooth was not too bad. I don’t even remember much bleeding. With the three teeth extraction, it was just…no, never again.