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    Making that amount of money is hard to reach but not impossible. I follow some bloggers (outside of blogjob of course) who make even more than $10,000 a month. They all started small but after many years they have grown and grown. You can’t expect to make that money on sites like blogjob. You need to have your own domain.

    • Agreed, there are lots of bloggers who are making more than that

    • I know it is possible with own domain blog but not easy.

    • but i believe it took us too long to reach such huge amount.

      • Yes, it takes quite a long time but if you want to succeed you need to have patience and keep on working. Everyone that reaches such great amounts of money did it.

        • but ms janetwriter,can you share with us how to do it?i wish to learn the strategy.thank u.

          • I’m not there yet because I haven’t had the patience, focus and continuity so far. But I know the steps which are required:

            1) You have to find a profitable niche by researching what people are searching for in Google. So you have to do some keyword researching using Google Adwords Keyword Planner. There are people who just take a niche they have a passion for. This also works well as far as you create something unique.

            2) Then you have to get a domain and webhosting and set up a self-hosted WordPress Blog. If you find WordPress too complex or technical you can also use Weebly which I use. Then you only have to buy a domain and point to Weebly.

            3) Now you have to write quality content on a regular basis.

            4) Once you have a good amount of content, about 10 to 20 blog posts, you can start to place Google Ads on your website.

            5) You should now integrate an e-mail sign up box to send out a newsletter to your subscribers. To get people sign up for your newsletter you should offer them something for free like a free ebook, a free video tutorial or a free course etc. This way you can also make money from Affiliate Marketing by recommending products or services you find useful. The best thing is to start with Affiliate Programs where you get paid when people sign up for a free service like a newsletter.

            6) Once you have written some reviews on your blog, you can start to apply for sponsored reviews.

            7) You can also sell direct ad space on your blog but this works only if you already have a large amount of page views every month.

            8) Now you can start to create your own digital information products like ebooks, video tutorials, e-courses and sell them through your website or another service like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Udemy for courses or Youtube for creating video tutorials and make money from advertising. From there you can grow in different directions. Later you can also offer services like coaching, graphic or web design (if you have skills), freelance writing, editing …

            The steps are not that difficult. It’s the patience, focus and continuity which may be a big problem because most people give up when they don’t see profit within a certain amount of time. My problem was that I changed my direction too many times until I have found my true direction. I set up blogs, changed them all the time and finally quit them. It may take years until a blog earns you a decent income. You can’t expect quick money.