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    Hello all,

    I have self-published several books. I began using I know others have not had a great experience, but usually the quality of print books has been fine.

    The cover for a book I published on CreateSpace was disappointing.

    Most of my work is Christian.

    However, I took a number of old Bubblews posts and rewrote them into a book called “Flotsam and Jetsom” and published that as a way of preserving them.

    “Firedance ” and “Tears Before Joy ” are my two poetry books.

    I am looking for somewhere to publish a professionally made spoken word CD of my Poetry. It has different poems on to the books so I need to make an accompanying book at some stage.

    Where I fall down is on promotion. I cannot afford to buy print books to sell and do not know how to market effectively. I find it very hard to push “me.”

    • Poetry is a hard genre. I have some poems and I’ve read the best way is to enter competitions to get them printed and thus build up your name first before trying to sell it in any medium.