• Isis replied to the topic in the forum Activity 5 years, 1 month ago

    Magnesium oil works wonders. You can make it yourself with magnesium flakes dissolved in distilled water or you can buy magnesium oil in the store or online. Use it daily, especially before bed.

    • Sounds like a good one

    • I hope it helps, sounds promising.

    • @isis I wish that you add some details about the measurements of the contents in this remedy. Sounds genuine.

      • Isis replied 5 years ago

        Oh, sorry. It is basically half and half (equal parts) distilled water to magnesium flakes. And putting it in a glass spray bottle is best for easy application. So let’s say you had a bottle that can hold 4oz. You would measure out 2 oz of distilled water in a saucepan. And after you bring it a boil, add 2 oz of magnesium flakes and stir until it is dissolved. Cool the mixture and then when it is cooled, pour it into your bottle and there you go!

    • I always use Icy Hot roll-on gel for my back pain. This one sounds interesting, though. It’s probably more natural and helps the body over medicated…whatever Icy Hot is made of.

    • sound like you are the expert