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    Do you go trash-picking on trash day? Around my neighborhood, it has become a business for many people these past few years. They collected metal to sell for money and recycle whatever they can pick up.

    If I see something I can pick up by myself and I could use it, then I would pick up too!

    • so cool to have such day, here, we collect steel, plastic, paper boxes and the recycle truck will come pick them up, pay us too

    • we also sell plastic bottles, newspapers and metals.

    • Same here in my city! The trucks do filled up over the brim with broken appliances and junks!

      • I know people who do, but I’ve never really done it. I haven’t seen any great stuff just sitting there waiting to be picked up. Maybe the people who do this regularly just beat me to it, ha ha. I would stop for a piece of furniture or something on the side of the road. I just haven’t found any yet.