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    I have been on MintVine for the past few years, and have been paid many times. Cash out is at $10 dollars. All you have to do is taking the poll every day, answer a few surveys, and the best thing is, even if you are not qualified for the survey, you still get 5 points. It take no time at all and it is easy to give it 5-10 minutes a day.

    • I love site that I don’t have to spend endless hours on it..

    • That sounds good! I like the idea of still getting points even though we are not eligible for the survey, and it doesn’t need to spend much time. I’ll need to check out if it opens for my country. By the way, I like the web design. Hope the surveys are fun to do as well. 😀

      Thanks for sharing this!

      • Yes, me too! Because of the 5 points reward even when you don’t qualified for it, you also received extra bonus 20-25 points if you just do the surveys in your dashboard!

    • Thanks i am joining now