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    I thought things are going well since I joined Blogjob, and in general it is. This is my fifth day here, but my excitement was somewhat falling when I found out that I had three points deducted yesterday.

    Not sure what happened and why?

    Three points are not big enough to shed a tear for them, but not knowing the reason or who deleted the posts bugged me. This is my vent for today 🙁

    • I am not really sure what we do with the points, or how many it takes to do anything.

      • I have found out many reasons why points were deducted from another forum. We need 5000 points in order to meet the threshold for payment!

        • Check the “Redeem Points” page in the “Rewards” menu. It’s up to you to decide when you’ll cash out. Although you can redeem at only 5,000 points, I believe that only gets you $25 through PayPal. If you wait till you hot 10,000 points they’ll pay you $100 instead 🙂

    • Points can be deducted if an activity that earned them was undone – so for example, if you unfriend someone or you delete a comment you wrote, that can lead to a points deduction. If you wrote a comment on a post that was later deleted by the author, that can be a cause for deductions too.

      If you want to see why the points were deducted, go to the “History” tab on your profile. I believe it show show there why the points were deducted.

      Don’t get discouraged! It’s not a thing that happens very often. And luckily, points are easy to earn back again 🙂

      • Thank you, Kyla! I think I know where the points were deducted as I read on someone’s profile that she too, got points deducted from the forum. I won’t worry about it, but it is best for me not to post in the forum from now on, so it won’t effect others also, just in case!