• Grecy Garcia posted an update 5 years ago

    Now that I am here online, I become sleepy, what a great timing!!

    • Hey can i ask a question?

      • sure!

        • If I write a post here, do I only get 50 points no matter how many views I get?

          • Yes. Automatic. Your views is about your Personal Blogger Projects anyway.

          • Not exactly @benryanlee. You only get 50 points for writing the post but if you share a link to it on social media (making sure to use a referral link) then you can earn up to 25 points PER DAY for referred views. To earn more than that you need to add your own adverts to your blog using a program like AdSense.

            • How do I add my own adverts? Sorry I do not know much.

            • First you need to sign up with one of the advertisers. If you don’t already have an AdSense account you’ll probably need a lot of content before you can get one, so it’s best to try something else. I suggest you post a question in the forums asking for recommendations because I’ve never used any others. Once you’ve done that there is a place on your site’s dashboard to add the code. But don’t worry about that until you’ve got the ads arranged.

    • Take a nap.

    • It happens to me often.