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    I’d love to be able to earn that kind of money but a lot of the opportunities I investigate aren’t available in my country. Americans are at a huge advantage.

    • It depends who you talk to. The real unemployment rate in the US is still above 40%. That is the real rate, not the numbers Washington DC reports. Half of the ones who are working aren’t working enough hours to make a living, thanks to things like ObamaCare that is being forced on the people. Each of the last 3 years, with my wife, daughter and I all trying to do anything to make money, our income was barely over $5000 for the year. With the cost of living here, that is way below poverty level.

      I spend around 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, writing, running websites, doing surveys and anything else I can come up with to make money. I’m lucky to get a day off every 2-3 months. Yet we are barely surviving.

      • I’m sorry you’ve got things so tough Rex. I didn’t mean to suggest that all Americans have things good, but when it comes to working online there are still a lot of earning opportunities available to you that I would never be allowed to participate in. To make matters worse the terms of service of a lot of sites doesn’t make that clear, so I’ve wasted hours wading through all the rules only to be rejected when I finally try to join.

        And the unemployment rate here is dreadful too.

        • Thank you for the clarification. Yes, the Internet craze began in the US and it is still going strong. India is rapidly catching up, Still, while Google may be worldwide, they are based in the US, so they do have a little bit of favoritism going on, I’m afraid. Since they still account for over 80 percent of the search engine traffic, that is a major thing.

    • That’s something I need to work at. I’ve got a few products for sale at Zazzle, but have never tried to promote them myself. I have the occasional sale, but I need to put some effort into creating more products and learning to promote them. Part of my problem is that I’m trying to do too many things and don’t do any of them properly.

    • Ten years ago, it was a different matter. Now the market is flooded, worldwide. It doesn’t help that the worldwide economy is in the garbage dump.