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      Yes, me too skeptic about it.

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      *This is what I think

      1. It may not be excellent in grammar. English is not the native language of everyone. Still they tried – we must appreciate their attempts. Grammar may not be excellent but the content must be readable and understandable. That’s OK for me.

      2. Plagiarism should be minimal. It cannot be 0% but it should be within the tolerance level. World likes original content. If you are copying, learn to respect the source.

      3. It should drive some value. Timepass blogs work only sometimes NOT always.

      4. Images can be there but should not be disruptive and distractive. Infographics work best.

      5. Content should be organized. Proper Headings / Q&A. Well written and to the point. Simple & respectful language. NO selfish Agenda / false propaganda.

      6. Last, we talk about SEO.

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      I am surprised why everyone is thinking from their own perspective. There are hardly 100 legit paying online writing sites as on date. In future, the condition is not going to be better either.

      That’s why such hard decisions are required.

      Earlier you could get points for not writing good quality content. Same is however, not the case today. So, he ensured that now, quality prevails and no one can abuse the system easily. So, he changed daily limits.

      Secondly, when the new registrations started, new users had daily limit of 100. It would be unfair to have someone have limit of 100 Points and other one 150. So, he made the rule. This might have been also implemented to punish the inactive users I believe.

      @Sheridan may enlighten what made him do so.

      I feel that this was required. Earlier, there were hardly 1000 active users and now there are more than 2000 active users. So, in order to keep this site alive, such a step was necessary.

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      No @ptrk12

      I am not scholar in this regard. I am also a skeptic.
      Maybe @laksh, @grecy095 and @munda23 can enlighten.

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      Adding one more related to English.

      Though it is not a difference kind of question

      @Jordana @grecy095 @rextrulove

      Q When to use can and when to use may?

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      Mine is startpeeps

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      To all those who want to know about Bitcoin – let me tell you blogjob is the right website to teach you Bitcoin. There are many Bitcoin guru here.

      Let us have some basic questions answered.

      Q: What is Bitcoin?

      A: A decentralized online peer to peer cryptocurrency which has a volatile market rate.

      Q: Who founded Bitcoin and when?

      A: Satoshi Nakamoto – A Japanese technolover founded in 2009.

      Q: What are terms related to Bitcoin?

      A: 1 Bitcoin is divided in 100 million parts. 1 such part is called Satoshi. 100 Satoshi = 1 Bit.

      The right way to write Bitcoin is 1.00000000 Bitcoin rather than 1Bitcoin.

      Q: Is Bitcoin better than PayPal / PayZa?

      A: PayPal fees are much higher. Suppose you are earning 100$, PayPal will charge flat 4% and you will get no more than 96$. PayZa fees are 2.5%
      Bitcoin fees are no more than 0.00010000BTC (0.046$ as per modern conversion) and sometimes not even that much.
      It is upto you to decide whether Bitcoin is better OR not.

      Q: Can we convert Bitcoin to $ ?

      A: Yes. You need to visit trading facilitators / exchanges for that. Example are: Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Kraken, Btc-e etc.

      Send Bitcoins there and they will convert Bitcoin to $.

      Q: How to earn Bitcoins?

      A: You can earn for free – that is called faucets Example: Bitcoin Aliens
      You can earn by ads – that is called PTC Example: BitPTC
      You can earn by investment and create Bitcoin – that is Bitcoin mining Example: Genesis mining
      You can earn by Playing Games Example HitPxl
      You can earn by Betting Example BetCasino

      These are the basic questions which people ask. If you want to know more, let me know.

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      Yes @thisnthat

      You made sense. That’s true.

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      This is nice website. You created it?

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      After reading Surya Namaskaar, I feel like sharing something related to Sun.

      1. India had a TV show once upon a time about a superhero in Sun’s dynasty called Shaktiman (meaning almighty) – it became so famous that many young children committed suicide hoping that this superhero will save them.
      The serial management later issued official “the making” explaining that this is only a fiction and work of animation / science and no one shall commit suicide unnecessarily.

      2. Indians estimated distance between Sun and Earth to be 12 million Yojana in 14th century AD where Yojana is an Indian unit of distance roughly equaling 8 miles.

      Interestingly, as per modern astronomy, this distance = 92.95 million miles.

      3. People often believe that Sun Light travels 3 Lac km/second which is not true. The speed is actually only 299792458 m/s and that too in vacuum. The speed is lower when the transmission media is not vacuum.

      4. As per Albert Einstein, both heliocentric and geocentric models are true and this can be explained by relativity.

      5. Sun is in the center of solar system and has approx 5778 Kelvin temperature but usually weighs less than Jupiter.

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      Thanks @Shohana

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      Thanks @grecy095

      Awaiting your confirmation

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      Politics is the biggest whitewasher of all mistakes

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      Sorry but I did not get you.
      How can cloning make Cheetah extinct?

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