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    @Ross Sir,

    This is a great group. Particularly, the idea is philanthropic. I too wish to ask question and share points to the answerer. Kindly check and confirm whether this is possible.

    • We can coordinate it. Are you online now? If so please send me the question and I will ask on your behalf stating it is your question. That way we don’t end up with multiple questions at the same time.

      • Pardon me. But that may not be done. I dont believe in asking on each other behalf.

        You ask your and I shall ask mine.

        My theme will be to ask MCQ. Those who just select the right answer shall be given lesser and those who explain why they selected could be given more if it is right.

        This way it would be more interactive.

        To avoid multiple questions, we can work on a strategy. We won’t ask new question unless previous one is answered. So, at the max. 1 question per asker.

    • @fun1oriented2learning or send the question and answer to me on wowapp.