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    Edited Version :
    Most of people find their dreams in lights, happiness, faith, and catch the golden key of talent door
    which it’s totally different for me. I found my dreams in darkness, where hope, faith are not ruling.
    Dark and deep thing with some brown bubbles which actually you can’t find but darkness like a
    whirlpool swallowed me.
    First I felt cold and dark but after while I guess I could see things, maybe I am mistaken but I thought
    so. I went deep and yes I was right I could see things. A woman, seems sad inside I felt it that way;
    she was in light gray long dress like 18th centuries, curly dark hair, staring at a mirror, and smile
    appeared in her face, she looked down, it was moving inside, she was talking to it not by words, by
    touch! Her hands were surrounded its nest, suddenly the door opened fear fill the air. Her smile
    disappeared. A woman in middle age looks like a queen or something like that, enter to the room.
    Poor young woman! I can say she was freaked out but professionally conceal it. The woman
    approached her and stood in front of her, it was obvious she didn’t come to say hi or have greeting
    but to probe something, followed her mention one young waitress approached them and gave her
    some letters as evidence, she took them carefully and looked at them quick, the young woman was
    shocked she was speechless, no words to say. That vicious waitress looked straight in her eyes while
    she was stand behind the old woman, with no shame; of course that poor young woman didn’t
    expect such treason from her waitress who she trusted.
    The old woman threw them into the fireplace which was near them exactly behind the young
    woman. She couldn’t stop crying, she was hold by the waitress when the old woman burned the
    letters, she took the young woman’s face in hand and stared straight in her eyes for moment then
    turned her back to her and went to the door with her insinuate by her hand, the waitress walked to
    the door, they both left her alone, she set on the chair hopeless.
    I felt sorry for her so I approached her and stand beside her I was watching her and unexpectedly
    she calm down after hold her necklace a simple gold chain with round locket.
    Bubbles covered everywhere, again darkness and whirlpool. Then I’ve heard heart bit, that wasn’t
    mine but my heart bits increased slowly by it. Again the young woman, she was in pain and a woman
    seems expert in delivering babies were probing her vagina, she was screaming, her face turned red
    and breathing seems really hard for her but she tried to do her best, and all the time she just
    screamed out a name, at first I didn’t noticed but after I focused on her lips I understand the word
    was “mom”! Then she holds the round locket in her hand and screamed that word and pushed…
    I found myself there , beside her , I put my hands around her , that was last minutes , last try to give
    birth the baby , last push , she hold her breath , tears fall from her eyes and she tried one last time
    then the baby came out , safe.
    That woman lost her conscious; it was like everything become dark in my eyes for a moment and
    light again found me.
    Old woman came; she was dressed up, angry face like before, when the first time. Poor young
    woman asked for her baby with her eyes, and then the old woman pulled out a tiny sharp knife from
    her handy bag which was so small , and put it in the young woman’s chest , she was scared cause it
    was Blood-stained . I couldn’t breath! I looked at that stone heart woman! she left the woman with
    pain , she was too weak to following her and make her pay for what she have done!
    I was standing besides her, watching her suffering and I was like freezing, fear was nesting on my
    cells! She turned her eyes to me; she could see me whole the time but she didn’t express it.
    She still had the gold locket in her hand and begging me to revenge her with her eyes, suddenly I saw
    myself near the door and a young woman with black hair beside the young poor woman who was
    lying in the bed, that wasn’t me! It was the woman in the picture which she carried whole the time
    in the gold locket! It was opened and I saw it as I stood far from them.
    Then I was flying around the house crying and while I crossed the doors I just heard something like
    locking the doors! And then I just stood in the garden, watched the view from the backyard.
    Fear descend, no way to go and soon the mansion commence burning into fire, which bursting from
    I felt heat upon my skin, and then swallowing by another whirlpool and brown bubbles surrounded
    me quick… again darkness but it was different for this time I had something with me , before I could
    see it I’ve been touched by bright lights ever ….
    The End …