• DW Davis posted an update in the group Group logo of Self-Published AuthorsSelf-Published Authors 4 years, 10 months ago

    My fifth book went live as a paperback on CreateSpace today and should be available on Amazon in a few days. I’ll begin my promotional push on FB, Twitter, and other sites (but not here, have no fear).

    • Are we allowed to post links to our books here on Blogjob?

      I will have a search for your book.

    • Excellent, do tell us the title. Do you bother with the Goodreads giveaways or Amazon ones? They can be a good way to promote, although Amazon I think you have to pay.

      • The title of the book is Sea, Sand, and Sabine. I recently ran an Amazon giveaway for my first book just to see how it would go. It didn’t do as well as I’d hoped, but it went well. I may have one for SS&S very soon.

    • Found you on Smashwords. I added you as a favorite author. I use another pen name which I won’t use here, but you may find me. I also followed you in HubPages. Thanks for the FB lke on my blog FB page.