• Dick started the topic Holiday Periods in the forum General Discussion 5 years ago

    Hello friends, I would like to advertise my travel site, however I do not have all the time and money to post all the advertisement. That is why I am looking for the most effective time to advertise online.

    I would like to find out the holiday periods where people are more likely to travel on holiday. i.e. School holidays Awesome Travel Deals

    I hope my friends would be able to help me with this, please provide the dates of the holidays too

    • Dick replied 5 years ago

      Hello nice people I have tagged you as I hope to get some information from you guys. I hope you are able to help me with some information.

    • Summer break for college students will be starting in May or June, so I recommend advertising as soon as possible for the college crowd. I think families would be looking at travel plans starting in June for July.