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    Do you believe in ghost? If you do, then you also believe in life after death which is based on the faith you have in your religion. Are there good and bad ghost? Do you believe that we have a guardian angel? Just wondering.

    • I wonder what people would make of me. I am proudly agnostic where a god is concerned BUT I believe in ghosts. I haven’t had experiences with evil or vengeful ghosts thankfully because I think I would be terrified. I mean, it’s one thing for people to call on their faith to leash or completely exorcise an unwanted ghost, but I have no idea what someone like me would do. Thankfully, the only ghost I’ve seen is my first tortoiseshell cat Susie. She only showed up two times and just to check up on me and (I think) to make sure that our new tortie Sunshine was settling in okay. Guardian angels? Maybe not so much general angels as much as loved ones. Otherwise, I seem to be the opposite of a ghost magnet.

      My mom is or was somewhat of a medium. Now it’s mostly limited to picking up on vibes and otherworldly suggestions but she used to be able to communicate with spirits. This one time she drove past an area where all sorts of people had died in car accidents and she said the energy was really uncomfortably heavy so she sent them to the light…and suddenly the atmosphere lifted. By the way, she’s spiritual but not religious.

    • I believe in re-birth after death

    • I believe in angels

    • I believe in life after death, as for ghosts, no I don’t.

      • What are you if you are not a ghost after death? You will be defined as a spirit not a ghost after death for ghost are more inline with the devil’s handy work.

    • I think I do. I’m not positive though.

    • Yes, I believe in ghost and I have 3 scary experiences about ghost. HereĀ“s 1 of my ghost stories

    • I believe in ghosts and life after death. I also believe in Heaven and hell. Life is forever.