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    My son sketches anime. I do crochet sometimes, just basic pattern, not more than that

    • There’s nothing wrong with basic patterns. I don’t often crochet – I prefer knitting. I like to keep things simple because I do most of my knitting while I’m watching television.

    • @deepam I also like to crochet, simple pattern too, just want to make some toys for my children. Perhaps you can share your son’s anime sketches sometimes. 🙂

      @gina145 I used to learn how to knit first, but now I am addicted to crocheting, as it seems easier to make small toys with crocheting. 😀

      • @kaka135 I don’t toys, only simple items like beanies that I give away to charity. I prefer knitting because I don’t have to look at my work all the time like I do when I crochet.

        • That’s really kind of you. For me, I’ll need to be more concentrate while knitting, as I might miss a stitch easily if I don’t. 😀
          But, I am still a beginner in both knitting and crocheting. 🙂

          • @kaka135 That makes a huge difference. I learnt to knit when I was a little girl, so I find the basics really easy. I wish I had the patience to do something more complicated but I always feel like there are more important things to do.