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    tiki33 - "Please help build traffic. Share posts and continue to submit posts. A site can not thrive without traffic. The traffic is what earns the site income. The income to pay writers so we all have to do our part. Have […]"View
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    Andria Perry - "I just added a new scent to the store, Honey Almond, it smells so good I wanna lick whoever wears it 😀"View
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    Tracey Jade Boyer - "This is my new website for selling off my craft materials and supplies. I used to be a professional crafter, and since I no longer am, I am selling all my materials and supplies. The items up are most all of my […]"View
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    cmoneyspinner - "I am not familiar with Prosperent and how to use it, which is why I did not connect. I think I have an account but I’m even confused by that. Don’t know how to navigate and access features."View
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    nerdieeds - "Hello BlogJob!"View
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    Ashuli Jain - "@maricel Hello @maricel, nice to meet u again here… 🙂"View
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    shagunK - "A very good evening friends! How are you all my friends?"View
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    Younghopes - "Just wanted to tell those who might not be aware, we have a group board on pinterest for Blogjob Posts, If you are interested in joining, leave your email address here:"View
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    Tobi Richard - "A very very long time!"View
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    suni51 - "I am waiting for an update eagerly 🙂"View
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    Katriona Jone - "A very long vacation, nice to be back on blog job.. Hello there!"View
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    Montago Burgess - "@fifileigh Hey, were you on bubblews as well?"View
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    gayathri - "@sheridan , what is the status of the site now? It has been some time since we heard from you. Hope things are improving."View
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    luciaanna - "@sheridan Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Now it’s possible to open the page of BlogJob. Unfortunately, I think that at present I will not post any blog because my husband has some health problems, so […]"View
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    laksh - "Nice to see you all still very active here and expressing yourselves through blogs and updates @tiki33 @kimdalessandro"View
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    kimdalessandro - "Anyone else having trouble accessing the site? I’ve had trouble all day. I’ve been working on updating everything over the past week and removing things that weren’t doing well in an attempt to help the site."View
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    TAlberts - "Oh my! I thought Blogjob is gone. A few minutes ago, I logged in to Blogjob and it was stated “NOT FOUND” in this server. I am glad it was only a false alarm."View
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    Simona Abdi - "Now it’s credited , but it was from my yesterday’s points limit, and not from today’s, as it is shown now."View
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    MommyofEli2013 - "If I ever have my writing ability back I will start posting again. I could post reviews, but I just don’t have interest right now."View
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    JORDANA - "I miss this site so much . Hello Everyone ."View
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