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    You don’t have to pay anything to use these services. They actually pay you. Prosperent changes your regular links into affiliate links if one is available. If someone makes a purchase after clicking on an affiliate link you will make a commission on the sale. Prosperent will take a 25% cut of the commission for providing the service. Some of the…[Read more]

  • Starting off the new blog with something simple: I crocheted this out of anxiety while waiting for an interview, and you can find the quick and easy pattern HERE! (must have ravelry account, joining is free)


    2014-05-22 18.04.18


    Please excuse the terrible picture, my phone doesn’t like vibrant colours against cooler ones.

    Anyway, I’m probably going to make a ton of these, then throw them up on my Etsy, which can be found here.

  • -!Motives reg Mineral Baked Eyeshadow Trio--559027082


    If you ever had any kind of allergic reaction from your makeup, it might contain one of the 4 common ingredients that cause allergies and irritants, from a small blemish to big problems such as rashes and hives… allergies are never fun. By spending a few minutes reading the Ingredients of your makeup you can avoid some of those unsightly and uncomfortable allergens. Here’s the list: (Found on

    Phthalates – this ingredient is often found in nail polish and gives it a high level of pliability. Many people suffer from allergic reactions to this ingredient with skin rashes and eczema. Unsure of the ingredients in the polishes at your local nail salon? Take a bottle of Motives® for La La Nail Lacquer with you – it’s completely free of dibutyl phthalate.

    Balsam of Peru – is a commonly used ingredient in many cosmetics like foundation, for example. Providing a lovely fragrance, it’s a resin that’s actually made up of a combination of scents, often causing irritation in the form of red or brown streaks when skin is exposed to sunlight. Alternatively, look for foundations and other products that are fragrance-free, like Motives® for La La Liquid Foundation.

    Shea Butter – this ingredient may sound like a luxurious moisturizer and many of us actually look for products that include the tropical essence of shea butter, but for anyone with a nut allergy, this ingredient is capable of causing some of the most severe allergic reactions. Looking for something that offers a similar level of moisturizing capabilities, minus the threat of nuts. Give Lumière de Vie® Intense Rejuvenation Crème a try. Boasting vitamin E, this crème will leave your skin hydrate and glowing.

    Formaldehyde – while many cosmetic companies have stopped adding formaldehyde to products, it’s still out there because it works as a preservative necessary for cosmetics’ shelf life. Most commonly, these ingredients are found in nail polish, and touching eyes or face before the polish is completely dry can cause a reaction. Motives® Nail Lacquer is an excellent option, since it’s completely free of the irritant-causing formaldehyde.

    Do you have any irritants from your makeup? What other ingredients are a concern for you?

    • I had no idea they would put formaldehyde in make-up! good to know.

      • It’s crazy all the disgusting things they put in Makeup…crazy and gross. Which is why I only buy brands I trust..if in a rut and need just’ll take me an hour at the store reading the ingredients…I’m the same with my food…

  • Turns out that getting a full night’s sleep just made me even more tired than usual. Way to go, body.

    I need some coffee, I think.

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    You never know, making a blog to track progress might help motivate you to finish!

  • Bright eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. Ready to get some writing done!