• cmoneyspinner posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    Visiting blogs this morning and leaving comments. Comments keep going into “moderation”.

    • Hi… what do you mean?

      • I mean that my comments must be approved by the blog publisher before they appear. Blogs can be set up to require approval or the blog published can set up the blogs to allow comments to post immediately. Most of the people who leave comments are here in the community. I see no reason to have check them first. Also the spam tool catches most of the crappy comments!

        • Sorry, my comment or question is not clear. What I am asking is: what particular site which requires a moderation of your comment? What I have in mind if the site that I am concurrently joining, the LiteracyBase.

          • This is the BlogJob community and I’m only taking about my commenting on blogs published here at BlogJob. I don’t really know what you’re referring to. (O.o) Sorry.

            At any rate, since most of my comments I made yesterday at various blogs got thrown into “a pending box” (i.e. “awating moderation”) and I haven’t received a notification or response that the comments were approved, I think I’ll just stop leaving comments. It looks like something else is happening behind the scenes. When I first started here at BlogJob that didn’t used to happen. This is something different. Comments you leave behind that don’t get approved for visibility are just a waste of your time. It could be a glitche but I’m not going to worry about it. Moving on.