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    @YoungHopes , @Grecy095 ~ It’s very weird. Tried to leave comments at two blogs just now and got some crazy message about Spam, “Blacklisted” and enabling a javascript. (???) But when I came over to the BlogJob wall activity and posted my comments in the Comments box where it shows that the blogger just published a post, it accepted the comment. When I checked back AT the blog my remarks were right there. Why can’t I be AT the blog and leave a comment in the Comments box AT the blog? If my comments are marked as spam at the blog, why aren’t the same comments marked as spam on the “activity stream”?? It doesn’t make any sense. (O.o) @sheridan

    • However just submitted a comment at a blog post by @rextrulove and got no such message. Strange. (O.o)

    • Oops not aware of that. It is quite strange to know @cmoneyspinner

      • @cmoneyspinner Just added a comment on your work at home archives, and it is showing as blocked for spam…so its happening with me too

        • Yeah it figures. I went into the spam box, fished out the comment and approved it. Your comments are now showing at the blog and thanks for stopping by. This is why I always check my spam messages before deleting them permanently. You’re a sweetie! 🙂

          • That’s great to hear, you are also so sweet dear, Its always good to talk to you. I feel happy about it. God Bless