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    I have tweaked my blog like there was no tomorrow trying to finesses its visual appeal and place ads properly so it can be monetized. Now I’m having a problem every time I visit the landing page. The page loads really slow and then I get a message about a “script stopped working”. Don’t know if it’s my laptop or the browser. I click the thing that says “debug script”. But I’m scared to touch anything for fear I may erase my site. (So not a geek!) Would appreciate if someone would visit either on a mobile or other device and let me know if they have to wait a long time for the page to load. I’ll return the favor, if I can do anything to help you. I want the blog visitor’s experience to be a pleasant one. Thanks so much!!

    • too many ads especially avi ads will cause java scripting to freeze in almost any browser. It happens a lot at myLot and I am forced to shut the browser down and restart it.

      • My laptop went kaput! My daughter worked to help me repair. I don’t seem to be having problems at the moment. Just give me some time. I’ll probably screw something up again! 🙂