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    I have a question about the advertising revenue-share plan. I’M CONFUSED! Does it exist or not?

    Went into my dashboard one day and “Advertising” in the Settings had disappeared. Came back another day, it was there but I couldn’t reset it.

    Was an announcement made and I missed it??

    • That red print ban is old news. It was always been there. There are certain advertising sites that are prohibited. Google Ad Sense is not one of them. But I have never had a problem with putting in the Ad Sense code script or changing the code script at any site that has the revenue-share plan. BlogJob is not the only site with revenue-share. But this time in the dashboard I got a message saying I was violating “Wordfence” or something. Hence, my confusion. (O.o)

      Anyway .. you said “it’s back now”. That means it wasn’t there and it wasn’t my eyes playing tricks on me. Sorry but your response didn’t clarify anything. I’m still confused. 🙁

      • UPDATE May 11, 2016. Never mind. Checked the box and now my Google Ad Sense ads are visible on my blog again. Guess it was just a fluke! Whew! YAY!!! 🙂