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    Online tip for today is about COPYRIGHT. As this is a global community, want to note that these are the rules in America.

    • Actually I studied Intellectual Property Law and it does vary from country to country. In addition laws do change, and I am currently doing another top up course. Copyright laws are not definitive and ‘fair use’ is a defense, not a right in law.

      • For sure the laws in other countries are different. I have a general understanding of “fair use”. Enough to know when it’s not being “fairly used”. 🙂

    • I have studied many cases on fair use and am on a FB group of copyright students and we still all analyze what is considered fair use or an infringement.

      The only place it is given wide berth is for educational purposes under certain conditions, and for journalists reporting. One should always be careful, and I prefer to quote public domain texts where there is no issue.

    • Yes. That’s what I meant to say. 🙂