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    rextrulove - "Our zucchini finally has a small zuke on it. I don’t think that the other three have any blossoms yet, but the cucumbers and cantaloupe sure do. The tomatoes are packed with blossoms, too, and I have several […]"View
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    gina145 - "@rextrulove I’ve been trying without success to comment on the ‘Any news to share’ thread. The link to stats on 3 of my blogs is no longer available. For the rest, one blog that had been getting no views at all […]"View
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    Montago Burgess - "@fifileigh Hey, were you on bubblews as well?"View
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    Grecy Garcia - "@kimdalessandro sis how to still earn from our blogs here?"View
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    Simona Abdi - "Now it’s credited , but it was from my yesterday’s points limit, and not from today’s, as it is shown now."View
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