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    kimdalessandro - "Anyone else having trouble accessing the site? I’ve had trouble all day. I’ve been working on updating everything over the past week and removing things that weren’t doing well in an attempt to help the site."View
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    jkct01 - "@smartmouth Hi, nice to meet you! 🙂"View
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    Narayan - "Nice to see you all still very active here and expressing yourselves through blogs and updates @tiki33 @kimdalessandro"View
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    peachpurple - "@kimdalessandro Is it true that Blogjob is coming back soon? Paying us soon?"View
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    Younghopes - "Just wanted to tell those who might not be aware, we have a group board on pinterest for Blogjob Posts, If you are interested in joining, leave your email address here: https://in.pinterest.com/younghopes/blogjob-posts/"View
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    Martha DeMeo - "@glbrown Great to connect with you at blogjob!"View
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    Tracey Jade Boyer - "This is my new website for selling off my craft materials and supplies. I used to be a professional crafter, and since I no longer am, I am selling all my materials and supplies. The items up are most all of my […]"View
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    Ross - "Admin – Is it possible to re-enable google ads on our blogs again. My adsense account gives the error: “Sites with ads.txt issues error_outline Publisher ID missing from ads.txt files You need to add your […]"View
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    waflay - "I tried to access this site yesterday but I couldn’t…"View
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    Montago Burgess - "@fifileigh Hey, were you on bubblews as well?"View
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    loiseryan - "Getting ready to win the lottery feeling good about my numbers."View
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    xelaiehm - "hi peeps! how’s going on here.. it’s been awhile.."View
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    Kimberly Brown - "On this am checking out the site."View
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    nerdieeds - "Hello All!"View
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    Andria Perry - "Who is writing here?"View
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    suni51 - "I am waiting for an update eagerly 🙂"View
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    aabeck - "so this is amazing … been craving pancakes and so i made smores pancakes and that is my 2:22 am snack.. that i should not be eating"View
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    Ashuli Jain - "@maricel Hello @maricel, nice to meet u again here… 🙂"View
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    Noreen A. Snyder - "These photos were taken at Rehab where my husband is right now. 053054102"View
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    zzzuzik - "I found Cupid and won 25 cents in Valentine’s Treats contest on: https://www.topcashback.com/ref/ZZZuzik Yay! Try your luck too! All you have to do is find birds, there is always one on one page only every day […]"View
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