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    I used to have a pet dog when I was in my teens and cried hard when it died a year later. I didn’t know back then that dogs don’t like fireworks and can sometimes suffer from heart attacks because of it 🙁

    • Oh my gosh that is sad that the poor thing died f a heart attack because of fireworks. Yes animals are very sensitive to those noises, they are like a thousand times louder to them than to us. I hate fireworks for this reason, I worry about them and not me with fireworks.

      • I didn’t know any better not to mention that we don’t have money to pay for a vet anyway 🙁 I only knew about it now after reading articles that dogs don’t like fireworks and sometimes exude weird behaviors (or die) due to fireworks.

        • Yes vet bills can be an extra but in order to properly care for an animal we have to find money somehow. Fireworks are bad for cats too.

    • Yeah pets do not feel right when you have loud fireworks, You can see it in their behavior, dogs and cats tend to go under a place that has cover…like under a bed or a table…etc they get scared when they hear the sound of fireworks,