• cessy08 posted an update in the group Group logo of TravelingTraveling 3 years, 4 months ago

    I really miss traveling. I look forward to our summer getaway this year 🙂

    • That’s lovely, @cessy_08….where are you hoping to go?

      • Well, we might just go out of town and visit other places in Ireland 🙂 We haven’t done that yet so maybe stay over the weekend at Galway, Cork or somewhere else that is around an hour by train..

        • Oh, is that where you are Cessy_08?! I lived in England for years, but never visited Ireland 🙁 My sister had an Irish boyfriend, with whom she went to Ireland and loved it. I’ll just have to squeeze it in when my husband and I go visiting family in England.

          I do hope whenever you do go, you have a lot of fun 🙂

          • At the moment, yeah 🙂 I guess if you go to Ireland and visit the county, it have this refreshing vibe because of the luscious greens (it rains a lot anyway!) but somehow it makes me miss the city life. It can get pretty boring sometimes, LOL!

            • Anywhere can be boring if you live there, I’m sure. I’ve heard about the lush Irish scenery, but the one thing i wouldn’t like is the rain hehe. I used to HATE it in the North West of England. I lived in Bolton for ages, and wow, it can rain!!!