• Brooke posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    @matt Hey, hope everything is going well!

    • Things are going okay, still looking for new ways to make money online, my dad is ill and was in the hospital for a few days or so, he is home now i wish you could send private messages on here some thing i don’t want everyone reading my thoughts 😛 and i do have some new ways to make money as i will be putting them up on this site on my blog – how are things on your end my sweet friend

      • I’m glad your dad is back home. Things are going well, I seem to be doing great with freelancing / jobs / income right now. Hopefully that will continue.

        • Groovy i am glad things are going great for you – you deserve good thing to happen for you 🙂 and thanks yea he getting better each day. i am so tired lately i been up all night like usual but i a have been trying to stay up longer so i can sleep at night – this saturday my cousins birthday so going to try and go to that and my birthday is next wed and i want to be awake for that as well just in case someone wants to visit and buy me lunch or something 😛