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  • @billy_d @billy_dd Hey do you know if black ops 3 is split screen for the Xbox 360?(offline)
    I think I made a bad investment in the game, if it’s not, as I already can’t play the campaign, there isn’t a theater mode, and it’s already came with a load of bugs.(also,if you haven’t already, I highly recommend doing a blog post about the features of…[Read more]

    • I’ll definitely consider a comparison. Also, I don’t think the Xbox 360 has split-screen, but I could be wrong. The game is extremely limited on the seventh-gen consoles and they basically got the leftovers from what was put into the Xbox One/PS4/PC versions. In some comparisons they showcased how badly the graphics were downgraded and the…[Read more]

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    Hi @Billy_D. There was an issue with the Protect feature in Jetpack which was causing users to be locked out of their site. I have implemented a temporary fix to disable the Protect feature until the plugin developers are able to come out with a permanent solution. You should be able to use all the Jetpack features now except for Protect. Please…[Read more]

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    CyberStep’s cartoony, anime-style MMORPG, Onigiri is scheduled to arrive for the Xbox One this fall for when it comes time for Microsoft’s third-generation home console to launch in Japan.

    According to a brief (and oh boy do I mean brief) article from Siliconera, we learn that CyberStep’s free-to-play, hack-and-slash online RPG will attempt to get the Japanese all hot, bothered, riled and intense when the game drops in September.

    Now, I don’t know much about this Onigiri game. It seems a little out there, but from what I’ve witnessed in a quick playthrough video provided by Free MMO Station, the game looks… ehh… well, check it out for yourself and you be the judge of what it looks like.

    Dem boobs.

    Some YouTubers commented that the boobs could be a character class all their own. I don’t disagree.

    The gameplay looks passably okay. I’ve definitely seen better, but at this junction the Xbox One needs every single game it could possibly get its hands on and a game where you have a character creator with boob-sliders that make even the most balloon-affected pornstars look β€œsmall” by comparison, I think that speaks volumes about the game’s possibilities (or rather, over-compensation?).

    Anyway, Siliconera notes that Onigiri will be coming to the Xbox One this fall, and it’s already available in Japan for both the PC and the PlayStation 4. What’s more is that apparently there are plans to localize the game and bring it to the West’s shores. As I mentioned before… more games can’t hurt, even if they look like they’ll best be enjoyed only after taking a nap with a warm towel wrapped around your face that’s been dipped in liquid cannabis.

    You can learn more about Onigiri by paying a visit to the game’s official website.