• I think I am going to take a break and go visit my daily sites and come back and see what I can accomplish on here before I go to bed. 🙂

  • river-horse-95472_150Today has been an okay day even with the slow internet speeds I have been facing. I so hope tomorrow will be an even better day. My daughter came home today from her sleep over in which she really enjoyed. It is very nice when my kids are both gone for a night or two but it never happens like that. I always end up having one of them. I really need a vacation just me and my husband. I will eventually get one. I so can’t wait till they go back to school next month because with them being home for 3 months they ea more than they should. I think this is because sometimes they are bored. I try to keep them busy with something to do but they always want food. I feed them 3 meals a day and some healthy snacks in between but this can be costly when they are not in school. I am not rich so they get free breakfast in school and lunch which saves me money when I go shopping. When they are home I spend way more than I should be. That is why I can’t wait for school to start again. I got a call this morning that my internet will be back up tomorrow if these people come out like they were suppose to on Friday. I so missed some things Friday because I had to wait around for them and they never showed up. That really made my day so worse than it was already. I am more happy today because I am online even if it is slow internet it is way better than none. I still have to work the rest of the night which is cool in my eyes. I always look forward to working online. It is the beat thing to do to help me be stress free and get away from my problems that I do not want to face. I do eventually face my problems though.

  • I am waiting for a new season.

  • At the top of the staircase looking down, it was a bit scary, it seemed so high back then, but looking around it was fun to think of all the new places to play hide and seek. The were two more bedrooms, on the […]

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  • That is still very good. Are you just staring out? I have been working online a few years.

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  • Anyone else just not able to stand themselves?   When I use the term monster, I refer to myself, this monster, not inside me, the one that is unleashed on a fairly regular basis, too often without provocation.  I […]

  • LOL. Ya’ll two cracked me up on that. You said that well, too about writing from an educational perspective. I tend to enjoy doing that sometimes on controversial topics, without really putting my opinion in the piece, but letting the reader decide based on all evidence and information on the subject. I recently did an article on fluoride and…[Read more]

  • I have always been a spender. The only financial teaching I got at home was, ‘you will always have bills so buy what you want when you have the money.’ I tend to spend my money on family and friends more than myself but I do get what I want too.

  • I was feeling kind of sour this morning after a mild conflict with my partner and an unexpected visit from my mother with a repairman in tow, but listening to music to blog about actually cheered me up so much that now I’m singing and dancing everywhere…

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    Cant wait to see what color my hair actually turns waiting for it to dry

  • Sacred 3

    The latest game from Keen Games and Deep Silver is called Sacred 3. Pfft, I mean, if you clicked on the link to this article it’s pretty obvious that’s what the game is called. Anyway, it’s an arcade hack-and-slash title and it offers isometric, less-than-loot-and-grind gameplay where you’ll spend most of your time grinding and fighting and very little of that looting the booty. Nevertheless, if you want to see how the game plays out from start to finish via a complete walkthrough, you came to the right place.

    DSR07 Gaming from YouTube rolled out a complete gameplay walkthrough for Sacred 3. How long is it? Only six hours… that’s right… six hours. I may have mentioned in my preview for Sacred 3 that the game was probably not going to provide you with the fun and excitement that you might get from Diablo III, but I’m beginning to think that that might be an understatement. Nevertheless, you came for the walkthrough and the walkthrough is what I shall provide. Check it out below.

    The game plays fast and furious and supports one through four players in cooperative play. That’s probably the highlight of the title.

    Reviews have varied wildly for the game from the lows to the highs. Some people didn’t mind the repetitive nature of the game, others hated it. Some liked the lack of features and customization, others probably didn’t play enough of it to dislike it.

    But simply put: if you want the same level of loot-and-grind depth that you would expect from a game such as Torchlight or Diablo you won’t find it here. Also, if you’re looking for a game that sports a very in-depth skill tree (or in the case of Path of Exile, a skill forest) you also won’t find it in this game.

    What you will find in Sacred 3 is a moderately improved version of Sacred 2, and if you’re a-okay with that then you’ll likely find yourself enjoying the game. The walkthrough above kind of bored me a lot like Sacred Citadel bored me. But hey, to each his own.

    If you want to learn more about Sacred 3 you can do so by paying a visit to the game’s official website. The game is available this month for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in North America and Europe.

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    You are welcome Danae L. Since that post I learned about your grandmother. I’m sorry for your loss. Loosing a grandparent is difficult. It a difficult time for grandchildren because, in reality, we end up learning about our parents. We don’t think they are, but they are frail, like we are.

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    He hates talking. He calls anyway. He hates not having anything to say so he keeps it short. He doesn’t keep scheduled dates with me very well. He finds it to be more exhausting to have a meaningful, engaged […]

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