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    May I confirm what is the cashout points.
    I read somewhere, that it is $25 for 5000 points.
    Correct me if am wrong Please.

    • This was my impression too, since I can’t find it in the Rewards or FAQ area, unless I missed it or something!

    • If this is correct then it is the cause why I’d say WOW!!!

    • you can find it under rewards then click redeem points you will see it under paypal click description you can redeem $25, $50, $100

    • Yes, that’s what I know too. For PayPal:
      5000 points – $25
      7500 points – $50
      10000 points – $100

      • -and with that in mind, most people prefer to work towards 10 000 points in exchange of $100, as you get more for your points 🙂 It takes forever, but is sure worth it!