• Ashley Herrington posted an update in the group Group logo of Make Money OnlineMake Money Online 3 years, 11 months ago

    I actually use several sites to earn money. Microworkers is great,along with chatabout and squishycash!

    • I joined microworkers long time ago, but I couldn’t find any work to do, so I stopped going there. Perhaps I should check it out again. I didn’t hear about squishycash, it sounds interesting. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!

    • Microworkers is a site that you can earn by doing some small tasks, such as signing up, forum participation, commenting, etc. I have joined the site many years ago, and got paid once, but lately I couldn’t find any interesting tasks to do, so I hardly earn any there.
      I think it’s still a legit site.

      • I have not tried Microworkers. I made an account with ChatAbout but the interface was not something I was used to so I have no returned.