• Arthur Chappell posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Promised a phone call that would give me a job and to expect it within an hour after the interview – no call so far. No tthe first time I have had potential employers say they plan to hire me and then forget me. I don’t mind rejection but to be told I will get the job and then still get dumped is incredibly cruel.

    • I hear you! It’s not a bad thing to be told “I’ll call you back with any decision” or even to be told “we’ll call you in a week or so”, but to be told that the job is a go after a final call is unfortunate and sketchy.

    • do not worry, god has a plan, perhaps the next one is made for you

    • The best way to handle such events is to go away expecting nothing regardless of what anyone says. Remember reality bites, but how hard depends on you.

    • This has happened with me, be assured, something better will come your way, its that way things unfold when God has a plan.