• angie10 posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    Well, I just logged in to check how everybody’s doing, but I seem to be the only one here 🙁 I hope you are all well, and will make a little time to swing by later when I check again. I woke up to torrential, thunderous rain, which actually started yesterday. In as much as we always welcome rain here, it’s very unseasonal as it never rains during the winter. The rainy season usually runs from October to February! So this feels very much like British weather. I wish it would stop raining though, because I have a few errands to run. Hope to see some of you later 🙂

    • Good morning friend

    • LOL! It’s sunny today in the UK for a change.

    • Doing great! Leaving comments at your blogs but they are all “awaiting moderation”.

      • Hey Treathyl Fox. Hope you’re well? Thanks and sorry about that! I’ve been snowed under with my offline work and can currently only manage a few minutes to stop by for a quick shoutout. But I’ll get round to it soon 🙂

        • No biggie. I realize many members are not like me and have a real job. (“Real job”. Ongoing debate between me and my husband. He wonders why I don’t do “real work” instead of blogging, writing and affiliate marketing, etc. I have a valid reason why. But he just doesn’t buy it. What can I say or do to convince him? The only “proof” I have is me! )

          • Oh how I envy you! But thanks so much for being so understanding. Haha isn’t it funny how husbands choose when to call it work and when not to?! My husband teases me about ‘the games I play online’, but doesn’t complain when I share my hard earnt money, and actually calls it his ‘wages’…..silly man!