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    Terrorism is EVIL, there’s no other way of looking at it. This week we covered a couple of stories on terrorist attacks; it’s just so sad.

    • I think the same.

    • The sad thing is these people don’t place much value on life. For them, dying turns them into martyrs and they feel it’s all worth it 🙁

      • It’s a pity they don’t understand the value of life neither their’s nor the others.

        • I know! It’s very disturbing, but also very twisted. I can never understand their line of reasoning at all!

      • Misguided martyrdom, and contrived interpretation of things written in holy books.

        • I really doubt they are doing any interpretation of holy books, since religion- no matter which one- doesn’t teach someone to kill or to take others life. Those who are thinking they will become martyrs maybe they have not any judgement and intelligence, and are led to wrong things by the real criminals, because they are not able to think with their own brain, only because they have not one.

          • The sad thing’s that a lot of these people were brain washed from a very young age, and don’t know any different. -and of course, no religion teaches hatred and terrorism, so they’re really just using their religion as an excuse to shed blood and satisfy their appetite for violence.

            • That is so true! They are taught to be that way which is wrong.

            • Unfortunately, through the centuries religion has been used as a “reason” of hatred and violence. And I don’t talk here only about a specific religion, because I remember just now the crusades, considered as holy wars of Christians to” liberate” territories occupied by Muslims and led by papacy. I don’t understand why terrible things are done under the religious ideology – again I say no matter which one, because examples can be given from any religion, not only from a single one.

          • A few hundreds misguide thousands into doing inhuman and barbaric acts.

            • They’re cowards, the lot of them, because they push these people they brain wash to the forefront, while they control everything from behind the scenes!

        • You’re totally spot on, @ptrk12!

    • @Anne Farmer….what’s even more devastating is that they often get to them when they’re still very young and impressionable!