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    I do always try to forgive and not waste any time and energy on the people who’ve wronged me. It’s the forgetting that I struggle with LOL

    • The best way to be at peace with self and others is by forgiving.

      • Absolutely, @realityspeaks…..but I go one further by then keeping them at a wide berth 🙂 That’s for my sanity and self-preservation 🙂

    • I like that. That is a really great way to look at it — as a waste of time. That’s so true! Those who have hurt us are a waste of our time and our unforgiveness. 😉 Takes more energy to have a negative feeling towards someone (hold a grudge) than it does to forgive and have the joy and peace of neutrality.

      • Absolutely, kendra…..hanging onto all that anger can drain you of all your energy and turn you into a very bitter person. It can also hold you back from enjoying a healthy, positive life. You too are a wise one, my friend 🙂