• angie10 posted an update in the group Group logo of Health and FitnessHealth and Fitness 3 years, 7 months ago

    I want to drop at least 7-11 pounds. I’ve decided to get a smoothie maker so as to focus mainly on freshly made and healthy juice and smoothies. I know some people do very well with it.

    • Wish you the best with your weight reduction, if you have some smoothies left invite me over. 🙂

      • Oh you’d be welcome any day at mine, @realityspeaks :))) Oh, I’ve managed to trim down, granted I only needed to drop just 3kg or so. Incidentally, today we made a weird and wonderful smoothie consiting of cantaloupe, kiwi, natural yoghurt and honey….my, it was VILE LOL

        • A smoothie with those ingredients cannot have a bad taste… I would drink that anytime. 🙂

          • @realityspeaks….that’s why i was so taken aback, because individually all those ingredients are delicious. But together they made a very weird tasting smoothie. I don’t think we’ll have that one ever again LOL