• Andria Perry posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    July 15th. I am still writing but not for pay, I did not jump on the Literacy Base write for pennies wagon, I went back to my g o o g l e account ( cant say b l o g now) and just added a couple of my b l o g s there. I may try to write one here so that those who wants to read the b l o g s can. I am not so sure I am that special. I have a full day ahead so that would be later today or maybe tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and I hope this wonderful space to come back stronger than ever.

    • Initially I started a new blog at Blogger but I’m not getting a lot of readers for that one and I’m not sure I’m going to continue. I’ve also moved most of my bonsai posts there and that’s going a lot better. I haven’t joined Literacy Base either, but I’ve been wondering whether I should.

      Good luck with your new blogs. I’ll be looking out for your post about them here.

      • Thanks, I just took several of my b log s over to b log er, getting off the grid seems to be the best for views so far, I average 30 to 125 views per post so I guess some of the people who like to read me comes for a view.

        • @andriaperry Hopefully in time the traffic will grow on that one as people know where to find it. My bonsai blog is getting good views because I promote it at a bonsai group on Reddit, but my attempts at promoting the other one are taking a lot of time for little result.

          • The launch of the site begins Monday, I think that’s the day, but more of what to expect is being posted as updates in the forum. I am not so sure about how many personal blog gers will make the cut, I asked straight out because I am tired of being tossed to the side because I am not good enough, seems no one wants REAL blog gers they want people to write articles for pennies and if I were a professional writer I would not be on any of the penny sites I would be looking for work that you get paid per article/blo g.

            • I’m sure what you write will make the cut. My biggest concern is that we have no idea what a coin is worth and might be in for a shock when the first calculation is done.

    • You’re the 2nd person that has mentioned Literacy Base. Guess I better go see! 🙂

    • Weird! Went to go and see and got an error message. Well alrightee then! Moving on.