• Andria Perry posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    We got a good rain! Excited? Why yes its been so dry here the sides of the interstate was on fire, probably from a cigarette.

    I am canning apples today, I got three 5 gallon buckets yesterday. Pie anyone?

    • Send one my way PLEASE Glad you got some rain

    • We’ve had three days of rain, all from passing thunderstorms. Although thunderstorms easily cause the majority of wild fires in the west, there has been so much rain with the storms and we’ve been getting rain every week to week and a half, that there are no major fires in NW Montana so far this year. We had major fires by the middle of June last year, so we are way damper this year than last.

      • I hope that you folks get lots of rain down south, *without* needing a hurricane in order to get it. I know there is one forming and hope that it steers clear of the US. Still, it looks like we are back to the weather patterns we had in the 1930’s and 1940’s. If so, you’ll have a lot more dry heat with only hit and miss rain storms.

        • We got a sprinkle last night, evaporated before it hit the ground 🙂 I hope for rain at least one day a week. @rextrulove

          • @andriaperry, we went camping on Monday. It threatened to rain but didn’t. It was cold, though, and it never got out of the 50’s with a stout wind. Tuesday, it was warmer and sunny, clouding up only that night. It rained a little in the evening and again last night. At sunup, the clouds finally broke and it was sunny while we broke camp. It was hot by the time we got home, but the garden is well sprinkled.

            We were about 3,000 feet higher, where we were camping than at home, though.