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    Water is the most important thing you could drink. Are you drinking enough?

    I like to add a splash of lemon or lime or a slice of cucumber to my water, for a change of taste now and then.

    • I have just discovered cucumber in my water. I wasn’t sure I would like it but I do.

    • I went to the movies today, and I had a Harkins refill cup, and I realized while I was in line at the concession stand, that refills have gone up from one dollar to $1.50. Rather than going back to my purse to get the spare change, I just filled up my cup with water and added some lemon juice packets, and I actually feel pretty good about having done that. Saved water, and drank something much healthier than a big cup of soda.

      • way to go!! I love drinking Cucumber water! so refreshing!! 🙂 my “poison” is Coffee, I do limit myself to One cup per day though