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    Hovering at 93/94 degrees, heat index about 103, taking a moment to drink some water before heading out to check on everyone and see why the dog is barking incessantly now that Baby El just fell asleep.

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  • Thank you, nana!

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    Crazy morning battling goats and dog who pushed through the gate into the chicken enclosure. Literally ran around in circles trying to get goats out so they’d stop eating the chicken feed, and as I was chasing them out, the dog ran in and pounced on a duck. Will be reorganizing today!

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    Hanging in, enjoying newly hatched baby Muscovy ducklings today – tons of fun 🙂

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    Curious where you are that it’s cold? Raw, untreated/unheated honey is amazing for any type of head cold. Supposedly has natural antibacterial properties…I just figured out how awesome it is by accident. I made a mistake years ago bought anything with honey in it for colds/cough – falsely became a disbeliever in honey as a cure because none w…[Read more]

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  • Long, long, busy, busy week and weekend.

    Picked up a couple older Khaki Campbell ducklings and 4 Silkie/Cochin crosses last week…how could I resist my kids wanting baby chicks that look like bunnies? Or the fact that they were being sold by cute little kids??

    The ducks were a deal, and I got them hoping for eggs soon from at least one (possible male/female pair). The newbie chicks got along with the others we have right off the bat, but Bubba Goose would not share her pond with the new ducklings and put them in check every moment she could.  However, after losing several baby Muscovies, Sunday ended in one, final tragedy as one of the young Campbell ducks was killed and munched on by Levi, our almost 3 year old Estrela Mountain Dog. We were shocked, then (I was) angry, and now I’m HOPING it wasn’t the female!

    We officially have 5 baby Muscovies, each of which I had to personally help “birth.” I have a new title to my “Wife, Mom, Dr. Mom…” list: Surgeon. Temp fluctuations, humidity issues, having to candle and help every baby after slow/no progression by way of opening up the shell, carefully peeling layers of different membranes away, being careful not to tear a vein…a long and tedious process beginning late Sat night, in the midst of our own Baby El also having a wakeful night of cutting molars (!!). Put remaining three ducklings in brooder box (box with heat lamp, litter, food & water) with other two babies this morning and everyone is thriving. Was precious opening the incubator and having them look up at me and start waddling toward me as fast as their little legs could go. 5 out of 13 (4 more still in bator, but no movement , 4 buried), and many lessons learned.

    Courage to do what most say NOT to do, taking advice of the few in order to save the most. A trial, but I regret none of it. Learned much.

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    Every day I go into the aviary bringing food and water for this rooster, armed with a toy hockey stick to defend myself from wild, unprovoked attacks that have already caused bleeding. But today, Baby Bear, aka Dennis-The-Menace-On-Hooves, snuck in as I was leaving yet another tense moment of bringing sustenance to this feathered beast. Since I’d…[Read more]

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    Hatching Muscovy eggs has come to a head. One broke through yesterday afternoon, but hours later, it was dead in its shell. Buried the poor little thing with a heavy heart. As for the remaining 12, I heard peeping from one of the eggs when I checked in on them this morning…good sign, though I saw no movement in any of them. I WISH the…[Read more]

  • Yep, you’re weird.;) Didn’t know anyone existed who didn’t like hot drinks, ever. Pretty cool actually. I turned into a big tea-with-milk fan after a stint in England and love a good cuppa Earl and cream ever since. Like green, love chai…I could go on, and on.

  • Currently in MD, probably for a long, long time.

  • Aaaw, Misty, those are great (and challenging!) ages! I have three. All girls – 1, 7, 9.

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    Feeling a little guilty…took 40 some odd minutes to watch the first episode of Ink Master. Not bad. More tame than Hell’s Kitchen (didn’t see that coming).

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    Haha! It’s a bit hot here in MD, too, but not as bad as it was last week.

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    Escaped the aviary with only a bleeding puncture wound in my heel today. The new roo is not friendlying up. I definitely didn’t leave running. I stayed awhile, plastic hockey stick in hand, to try to get him, and a couple of the hens that came with him, used to my presence. May have to saw off his spurs tonight after dark since I’ll be clipping…[Read more]

  • Beautiful night of cool breezes while watching Lambchop, who’s now about three weeks old, jump around sniffing at fireflies and broiler chickens across the fence as the sun went down. A relaxing end, I thought, to the busy day hand sheering goats, moving and electrifying the goat pasture, defending myself from a large, crazed rooster with only an empty watering can and my foot, and managing to pull off a truly decent dinner for our family of five despite a cranky, teething infant.    

    Ended up finishing off the (farm chores) night wrestling the dog to remove a matt between his toes, followed by 28 trips back and forth carrying each broiler chicken (now weighing, I swear, close to 10 lbs each) from the corner of the pasture to the shelter, trying not to step on fireflies in the grass. Attempting to “herd” them there was a joke.

    About 450 lbs of food, a front yard worth of grass, presumably hundreds of gallons of water, and nine weeks later, the broilers are unknowingly spending their last night on earth tonight. They were officially our oldest child’s 4-H project, but really, they were the family’s project. My husband and our oldest take them 1st thing tomorrow to the Mennonite farm for slaughter. The kicker…one of them started peeping like a baby chick when I picked him/her up. Broke my heart.

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