friends are the blessing of God

Hi friends!

How are you?

I hope you all are fine.

Do you know friends are the blessing of God.

There is nothing on world like friends.

I love my friends a lot.

Today I would like to introduce with you the story of my friend Anum.

Me and anum are same age fellows. Anum were my best friend when I was in school. We study in the same school. My school name was White House English School. We love our school a lot. I studied grade from nursery to grade two in Golden Model English School. When my house was in the area of green town. After that my house shifted. Then I have to change my school. Then I joinrf white house english school. I joined white house english school from grade two till grade ten. Where I met with my friend anum. Then we become best friend. We always sit together. Play together. Eat together. Study together. Anum and me live in the same area. So, we always go to school together. We always come from school together. Our academy were same. We go to the academy in the evening. We spend two hours in the academy also. We did different languages courses and computer courses together. In the vacations of the school we joined different coaching centers for different courses. We really enjoyed a lovely time together. Then after matric she got married. I was unable to go to her marriage. Because when her marriage held place. On the same day my grand father get severely sick. And he lost his life. Then we have to go to the village of my grand father.May his soul rest in peace…

Now she is mother of two children.  She lives in huripur hazara.

I love her a lot.

Thank you.

My friendz my life



Hey dear!

How are you all?

My new family.

First of all I would like to introduce my self.

My name is Diya Raniya. I live in Lahore pakistan.

Lahore is a big city of Pakistan.

I spent whole my childhood in Karachi. Karachi is my favorite city. We can call Karachi “The City Of Life”.

So, I passed my matric and fsc there.I had alot of friends there. Some are still with me.

I can not forget any of my olfld friend.Now in lahore 5 years have been passed. But I m unable to make such a friends here. I really miss my all friends.

I really miss the person who come in my life just for a second.I really like my friends alot. Today here is my second day. But I m really happy to see my old friends here.

Love u all my best friends.

May God give u everything vin your life.

You all have no lust for any thing. Friendship is a life. Friendship is another world. Always respect your friends. Always give time to your friends. Often I heard people said we don’t have time for friends. Everyone have time it is just all because of priorities.  So we should manage our work. We should manage our task. We should allocate time. We should divide everything according to need. And give special times to special friends. This life is very short for happiness. and very long for enemies.  The things we can not share even with our siblings we can share it with our friends so tell me It is great ??

You should think about it.

Friends are heaven on earth. We can spend good and great time with our friends. We can share each problem with our friends. Friends are not just a strangers. Your mother and father can be your friend.  Your sister can be your friend.  Your brother can be your friend.  Your husband can be your friend. Your wife can be your friend.  Your friend can be in any realation. But it will be pure and true relation. So always do good with your friends. Do good and have good. Never think bad for your friends.  Always give respect, love and care to eachother. Exchange gifts with each other.  And specially on special occasions never forget your friends and in cost.

I would like to mention my best friends name here Shahzad, Anum, Ayesha, Nimra and Sobia. They are my life.

Ok friendz!

Stay Calm

Stay connected



Thank you so much 🙂