I don’t want to call it a poem, but it’s a poem.

June 23, 2014 by mikedee1080


Be Water

Be Water

There was a River, once, and it flowed through a valley called Life. For a time it meandered here and there, no worry and no care, always seeking the lowest point, for that was its will. A day came when the River found its strength hindered by a Mountain. The River crashed and bashed against rock walls, and found they couldn’t be surmounted. Thunderous sounds and shaking earth erupted from the summit, while the sun sank to hide her eyes from the coming destruction. The River¬†knew what to do and carved its way inside. Rushing wave peeled rock and stone and cast it to the side. While deep within the mountain groaned and let its anger known. The River never slowed its pace, not willing to abide. Rock withdrew and stone fell back and the River flowed on through, gleaming in the sun once hid by the Mountain made anew.¬†



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