Best Anniversary Gift Ever!

It was my first anniversary with my boyfriend last September 7. It was nothing grand, really. All we wanted to do was to be together on that so-called special day of ours. I had thoughts running on my mind about what he wanted as a present, but asking him that would spoil the surprise. And because of all the NOs and Maybes, I decided to do something else. And that is to make my own LoveBook. 

My photos of my LoveBook would be for another post, sadly. But what I want to share is what happened yesterday.

This may be a cheesy post so be warned.


Yesterday, my boyfriend texted me to meet him in JYSquare. I asked why but he just gave me a reply with all CAPS ” JUST MEET ME THERE.” Oooookay, was what I told myself. So I did. I rode a bus toward the said place and waited at the Red Ribbon Stall like what he instructed me to. I waited for a couple of minutes as I texted him that I arrived. We met and I noticed that he was hiding something behind him. Prior to that, he texted me that he needed to give me something but I wondered what it was it all about.

He gave me a present. He then told me ” Happy Anniversary. Sorry if it’s late.”. I looked at him and down to see what was inside the present. And I was super happy to see what was inside!

It was a Tomb Raider 2013 Game of the Year Edition on PS3 and a frog pouch for all my froggy needs. It made me jump in joy and I hugged him. Everyone was looking at us but I didn’t care. Because even simple gestures such as these, give women an eternal memory carved at heart. ♥



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